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Region 2 - Northern Plains United Civil Rights Councils of America >> Region 2 - Northern Plains
  (+)  Organizational:  Each Operations Region has its own Membership Director, plus five Coordinators, all as purposefully gender-balanced. The five Coordinators are responsible for the ten main Focus Areas within their Region, by each handling two of the ten Focus Areas, that they independently divide up. As a total group of six, and with appropriate involvement by the pair of "Top Dad" and "Top Mom" that also "emerge from" this Region and sit on the National Board, they always strive to maintain their very best, most active possible set of state leaders within all of the seven States shown below right, just like the various sets of State leaders do exactly the same for each of their own crops of County Team Leaders. Regional Leaders are all vested with very strong Powers, Benefits, Duties and Authority, as linked here.
  Go directly to the Regional page for:
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  You may also jump directly to the State Chapters page, or to the Local Groups (Counties) page.

  The Regional Operations Coordinators (ROCs) for Region 2 (alphabetic by first name):

Apollonia Lambertus
My Focus Areas:
Life Issues
Property Rights

Devin Santo
My Focus Areas:
Gov't Accountability
Family Courts

Earl Erickson
My Focus Areas:
Independent Media
Tax Reform

James Tyler
My Focus Areas:
Self-Help Legal
Computer Support

Linda Snyder
My Focus Areas:
Politics & Elections
Civil Rights Events

  Region 2 Membership Director - Lisa Bierly

  Hello! I am currently accepting all active family rights advocates in the eight States of Region 2 to list online as UCRCoA state and county leaders. The most active people tend to get promoted to higher leadership roles.
  With at least 18,000 people on county groups now, 150-350 new troops are available in most every State!

  UCRCoA leaders within Region 2 are invited to connect with me here:

more information UCRCoA >> More Information

  (+)  FIDO Network:  Each of the UCRCoA Focus Areas directly relates to the same ten categories included within the FIDO Network, which will use this graphic datamaps technology to help exponentially leverage our new massive voices into unstoppable, rolling thunders of united purpose across America.

  (+)  More details:  Please see the About page, the Regions pages, the UCRCoA Organizational Chart, the Board page, the State and County pages, and the Mission and Focus Areas, for more information.

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