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Constitutional Quote "Our safety, our liberty, depends upon preserving the Constitution of the United States as our Fathers made it inviolate. The People of the United States are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."
- Abraham Lincoln

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Jurisdictional Legal Teams & Rapid-Response Referral Network UCRCoA >> National, Circuit, District and Divisional Legal Teams

  (+)  Need law now? Learn the basics for free at Publix Law Schools, get the crystal clear courses from Jurisdictionary.com, or Request Legal Help.  (+)  Got law? Join the Teams. Apply, using the form below.

  (+)  UCRCoA Legal Unit:  The "Regions" are the larger, public actions side of UCRCoA, whereas these "Circuits" are the more private, background legal side of UCRCoA. See the Org Chart for a quick visual.

  (+)  Click for official U.S. Courts websitePurpose:  Inside every family, group and/or individual victimization story, there is typically also legal abuse by some wayward governmental process involved. Together, these two Unit sides of UCRCoA support each other naturally. Various legal needs by orgs, groups, families and individuals that come from the public side (the Regions) require better-vested interests, from likeminded people who are Scholars within the legal side of UCRCoA, i.e., these Circuits. In return, the public side shall normally engage and widely support various creative legal challenges that the legal side wants to do locally, per given State, regionally, and/or nationally. Upon registering, or thereafter, Scholars may also apply to participate in a nationwide rapid referral system, which simply matches prospective needs with the willing and registered Scholars, based on three (3) main factors: jurisdiction, service level, and the primary area(s) of law that are involved. The token $3.00 matchup service fees, paid by the requesting legal clients, not by you, gets administered back to the public side for creating even more awareness, providing a circular effect.

  (+)  Mission:  To gather, organize and leverage, in mirror-image to the U.S. Federal Court jurisdictions, a background legal support and advocacy network, using both technology and manpower, and focusing on implementations for various restoration of Constitutional principles, especially for Due Process, Family, Liberty and Property Rights, Taxation issues, Self-Government, and such other related Freedom topics.

  (+)  Organization:  With responsibility over different groupings of States than are found under Regions, the eleven Circuit Teams are purposely aligned in parallel with the federal court system, each of the 11 Circuit Teams managing their own District Teams, and likewise down to the Division Teams of that given District (again, see the Org Chart for a quick visual). The top two Scholars from each of these 11 main "States & Territories" Circuits, the Circuit Coordinator and Circuit Specialist, all sit together as 22 top Scholars upon the National Legal Team (Org Chart...). The Circuit Coordinator is the liaison between his/her entire Circuit, the general public, and the UCRCoA overall National Board. The Circuit Specialist may choose to remain either anonmyous, or listed, as to any UCRCoA websites or webpages, he/she is essentially co-equal in Rank with the Circuit Coordinator, but specializes in handling info, especially the Circuit Membership lists, posting Circuit-related news, tips and alerts out to that same Membership, as well as handling their Circuit portion of the rapid referral system. Completing the entire Circuit Team of seven are five (5) Circuit Supervisors, who rank and self-divide leadership coverage over their various District Teams, per the matching federal jurisdiction. Each District Team has between three and seven ranking Scholars, and leads their varying number of Division Teams in like manner. All told, there are approximately 450 different Teams, from National to Circuits to Districts to Divisions, covering every jurisdiction of the U.S. Federal Court system, every geographical area of America, and all of its Citizens.

  (+)  Legal Teams Network Application Form:  The below form asks a series of questions, designed to do two things well: (A) Place you on appropriate level(s) of leadership, considering your any special requests; and, (B) Provide enough data to better match you with prospective client needs. You should try to fill out the form as completely as possible, in order to rank and match yourself that much better.


more information UCRCoA >> More Information

  (+)  FIDO Network:  Each of the UCRCoA Focus Areas directly relates to the same ten categories included within the FIDO Network, which will use this graphic datamaps technology to help exponentially leverage our new massive voices into unstoppable, rolling thunders of united purpose across America.

  (+)  More details:  Please see the About page, the Regions pages, the UCRCoA Organizational Chart, the Board page, the State and County pages, and the Mission and Focus Areas, for more information.

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