About the UCRCoA special 15% off discount on the excellent, rewarding Jurisdictionary.com legal self-help materials:
Simple Offer:  Join any the UCRCoA Legal Teams across America, and get the option to also purchase the Jurisdictionary.com legal self-help DVD course at 15% off, either now, or later on.  It's just that simple!
UCRCoA and Jurisdictionary.com have combined to offer a SPECIAL INCENTIVE for all patriotic legal beagle types in America.  We want and need good, patriotic-type legal scholars to self-form Legal Teams across the country, in order to:
1 -- help other individual victims of government oppression, better and faster, by having more scholars available;
2 -- implement statewide (federal District), regional (per federal Circuit), and national Constitutional challenges; and,
3 -- distribute educational tidbits ("PSAs") about true Due Process rights, out to all United States Citizens, faster...
To get to the SPECIAL ORDER WEBPAGE for 15% OFF on the excellent Jurisdictionary.com self-help materials, you only need to complete the free Legal Teams application form, and become a willing legal soldier for Due Process, for wherever you already are, geographically (er, jurisdictionally).  Upon clicking "submit", the "thankyou" page after that includes the special 15% discount pagelink, plus other important links for you, too...  Join now!  It's free.

Note:  You do NOT have to purchase the excellent Jurisdictionary.com materials in order to join the UCRCoA Legal Teams.  However, the principles and doctrines contained within these materials have been de facto adopted as the standard for Due Process training within the Network, and will also be offered by our various Legal Scholars to others in the normal course of their activities.  The 15% discount is merely a bonus option for you, just for joining the Teams!

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Congrats on taking steps to real Freedom and Liberty, by enforcing our mighty and true Constitution!
One if by Land, Two if by Sea... Three if by our own servant Government...
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