The seven (7) main areas of Family Law topical areas covered by UCRCoA.
The major reason why we have grown so large, so fast, is that we are not just about one kind of family law victimization, but, in fact, we are all about The Family, i.e., the *entire* family, and so, we cover all seven (7) main areas.
That's all five (5) main areas of direct Family Victimization, listed in order by per-capita rates:
1 -- all divorce & similar "noncustodial" parent issues
   (estimated at approx 25-28 million victims currently)
2 -- all child protection "services" victim parent issues
   (estimated at approx 12-14 million victims currently)
3 -- all paternity fraud and reverse paternity fraud issues
   (estimated at approx 3-4 million victims currently)
4 -- all juvenile deliquency injustice actions issues
   (estimated at approx 2-3 million victims currently)
5 -- all elder abuse and governmental/atty fraud issues
   (estimated at approx 2-3 million victims annually)
Plus, the two (2) main domestic issues spanning and overlapping all of the above five areas:
6 -- domestic violence (family abuse, "DV", VAWA issues, etc.)
7 -- parental alienation / parental alienation syndrome issues
Of course - we also have a fair share of "pure" Liberty, Freedom, Taxation, etc. folks throughout our network, too :)
ALL leaders and members of UCRCoA should welcome good advocates from all of the above areas.
This is why we have such a grand mixture of advocacy, why we are able to grow so much faster than most other orgs and networks, and why we are able to provide virtually ANY visitor/newbie with the necessary, different, relevant choices online, by way of the varied State leadership profile links, so the *entire* realm of Family Victimization is fully covered.
Also, and again unlike most other organizations, we will never dream of charging any membership fees or dues (don't you hate that?).  Simply put, if a person is *serious* about family law reform, then we always welcome them in, for free!!
Here are some newly-added/enhanced online resources for everyone:
Different collections of YouTube videos, by categories for Taxpayers, NCP, CPS, PF, All children (click on top links to the other categories online)
(collections growing by suggestion - if you have a "top" YouTube video to be included, suggest it)
Legal Matching Services for hooking up more people who need help, with more of those who help
-- need legal help?:
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The 10 main UCRCoA "Focus Area" Links:  Gov't Accountability | Family Courts | Self-Help Legal | Life Issues | Politics & Elections | Independent Media | Property Rights | Civil Rights Events | Tax Reform | Computer Support
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