Answer to Question of the Day: IS it time for an actual Revolution??

Oh, I most definitely agree, Paul, that:
1) government has become soo far out of control, that the only reasonable solution is to nearly wipe it and start over...
2) however, an armed or similar disruptive conflict would only further deplete the finances and resources of America, again/more, i.e., really only hurt the American people, the Citizens, themselves, in the end, just like government "settlements" for its own court liabilities in constant screwups, high taxes in general, other financial wastes, and their general daily practices do already...
3) instead, a 'revolution' should take place now, by a majority of the adult American population, but done lawfully and peacefully, by doing it all on paper... "merely" on legal paper, under lawful authority, but massively done... everywhere, all at once.
Might sound audacious or crazy, but I believe it is maybe the only reasonable solution at the moment, actually, because most people are NOT ready to pick up weapons and have bloodshed yet (besides, that can be messy and somewhat unpredictable, with random collateral damages inflicted..), but MANY ARE ready to do something as relatively "peaceful" as "sue" the Federal Government, especially when every fact, common sense, law, truth, and etc. is on our side.
In fact, that's exactly what I propose, and have been rather quietly working on, in the background -- a fairly simple and easy to understand massaction/classaction, by any/all taxpayers/voters/citizens/landowners, with two or three simple adder forms filed "pro se" in any U.S. District Court across the country (representing their legal standing(s), their vote, and their say in agreement with We The People), wherever they may residing at currently, to just up and declare that all three branches of the current and recent federal government are in soooo many overwhelming *breaches of contract* (against the contractual guarantees of the Founding Documents, made between We The People and the new entity of self-representative government formed, i.e., the new Federal Government, to always form a more perfect Union, to guarantee Life, Liberty, and etc., especially to have proper management of our nation's finances and currency, to not routinely violate even our most basic due process rights, etc...), that the entire expressed purposes of the Founding Documents have been utterly neglected and mismanaged, therefore finally terminating the contract's terms of effect, and immediately (but only temporarily) ending the services of almost all federal officials and etc., as further detailed below.
To have a Paper Revolution.  We The People simply DECLARE and notice, on paper, filed en masse, flooding the Fed's own courts, everywhere by the population's citizens, themselves, all stating that the current Federal Government is in such total catastrophic meltdown of all major tenets of the original contract and express/implied goals formed by the Founding Documents, in gross mismanagement thereof, in gross dereliction of duties thereof, in reckless abandonment thereof, etc., and We The People, therefore, now and hereby do declare and notice that the entirety of the current civilian Federal Government, and all powers, rights, officials, employees, finances, assets, and so forth, be immediately all deemed as under the sole authority of the 50 sovereign States, on a temporary basis, with exceptions of the regular federal military armed forces deployed, and such other "absolutely essential" services, which shall remain functioning in place and also under the temporary direction of the civil authority of the 50 sovereign States (maybe all done through the National Governors Association, see, until such time as a new federal Congress, a new federal Supreme Court, and a new White House Administration, all sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution, and/but also under some sort of increased potential penalties for unconstitutional behavior, etc., are elected, installed, or otherwise put into place as the new replacements.
There would be notable exceptions, of course, to simply wiping out the entire Senate and House, like allowing 'immunity' points for each strictly pro-Constitution bill -- like the Parental Rights Amendment bill, the End The Fed bill, and etc., that a given particular Member had co-sponsored or officially supported, etc., and with enough "good guy" or "good gal" points, that particular Member of Congress gets to stay, instead of having their services immediately terminated...
Remember -- We The People have the express, written lawful -- and legally *superior* -- authority, contained right in the Founding Documents, themselves, to "alter or abolish" the government as we see fit to do, whenever we see fit to do it, as long as we do it in a reasonably peaceful manner, but even the authority to "throw off" bad government by any means necessary.  Indeed, under the written language of the Founding Documents, it is actually our legal duty to do so...
Too bold?  To simply DECLARE the current Federal Government "null and void" and to simply DECLARE that all civilian authority is now re-vested, but just temporarily, back with the STATES??
Too bold?  To simply DECLARE that every Member of Congress who doesn't have enough "stay" points, gets immediately replaced by his or her last political election challenger, and together these 180-degree replacements, along with the Members who had enough "stay" points - and with any remaining rare exceptions decided by that corresponding State's Governor - to now and immediately constitute both houses of the brand new total federal Congress???
Too bold?  To simply DECLARE, en masse, everywhere, that these jokers are soo obviously far out of whack, that they are all now FIRED and replaced by NEW MANAGEMENT, effective immediately???
Too bold?  To simply declare and define the new re-Constitutionalized nature and appropriate staffings of our three branches of federal Government, and to literally call it forth into existence, by allowing a way for every adult American to agree in writing??
Actually, I think not.  I think that a well-prepared transition of all federal power, back into a reasonable pre-defined reality, totally designed and implemented on a purely-peaceful legal paperwork basis, might well garner quick support from every Patriot circle across the entire country.  It's fairly quick and easy, it's simple to understand, it's legal and peaceful, and it carries the commanding and legally-superior power for American Citizens to literally bring their country back into reasonable existence, pretty damn fast, and without bloodshed even contemplated or necessary..  Then again, when this thing takes off fast enough, it might scare the powers-that-be into shutting down the Internet, and/or declaring martial law, or something like that.  But, are they REALLY ready to take such bold and obviously-wrong, overwhelming, tyrannical steps?  I don't really think so, because they care more about greed/money -- about maintaining their flow of money -- which same flow is going to plummet like rocks in the pond, if the country actually goes into chaos -- but even if it does happen, then there ya go - you got your real reasons, finally exposed, for a normal revolution, and all the reasons of righteousness for Liberty and Freedom that you will ever need.
Heck, I am actually so serious about this (and have been contacting other high leaders in the full-blown Patriot Movement out there), that I've also already got a brand new entire replacement Presidential Cabinet all researched, cross-referenced for various balances, checked for relevant skills sets, political issues and relative political power, religious idealogies, ages, gender, race, and etc., all carefully hand picked out, and lined up, right now:
Indeed, when I got tired of waiting on all those incompetent "Obama eligibility" or "birther" attorneys out there to EVER get around to actually using the commanding law of statutory mandates under United States Code, instead of constantly allowing judicial "discretion" to again dismiss and dismiss their cases, over and over, I spent just one entire long day going through the entire US Code recently, and provided almost ALL of these many, many attorneys, plaintiffs, "NObama" website owners, other supporters, most of the States' Governors, most of the States' Secretaries of State, and a whole bunch of media, with the most powerful legal ammunition against Obama that they never dreamed of existing (nor bothered to ever look up.. sigh..):
and one of the many intelligent responses, in addition to notes of appreciation from some of the direct eligibility plaintiffs, and others out there, was from none other than Mr. Karl Rove, and we ended up trading a half dozen sets of email discussions about new proposed Cabinet positions/people, all fairly in agreement with my choices, including Palin as new AG (yes, don't gimme any lip, as she does *not* have to be a licensed attorney to be AG - it is an administrative position by design, guess what: she's an excellent administrator, she gets to set scope and direction of all DOJ efforts, her various licensed U.S. Attys do the actual litigation/prosecution, and Sarah also is against government corruption and bleeding the people dry.  Get it?), but, in the end, sigh, Karl still decided to take a "wait and see" attitude, until we actually throw the fraud and impostor Obama out, first...  trust me, he's worried about job security, enough as it is, being a Republican TV political commentator/pundit, and on Obama's shitlist FOX News channel, at that...
I also have three (3) current federal trial judges identified and confirmed as three of the replacements for the new U.S. Supreme Court.  No, I am not joking.  If you know of a really good judge out there, and I mean *really* good, especially in regards to upholding the original Constitution as it is written, then please let me know of your top-flight nominee.  I plan to increase the current number of SCOTUS Justices from the present nine (9) persons (still only 9 of them since clear back in 1846, I believe it was..), now up to thirteen (13), for a larger odd number, and purposefully to provide for more natural advancement coverage, more diversity, more knowledge in play in each case, etc., and also due to the federal court system having that many different Circuits to represent at the highest level.  Yea, I will be proposing that each vacancy upon the new, larger Supreme Court, whenever it happens, gets filled by a nominee that comes from the same respective Circuit of the vacancy, so that all the federal Circuits have and maintain balanced representation at the highest level, together.  For the People.
As to the implementation strategy, I plan to enter simultaneously into a selection of several key types of existing/pending federal court cases, see the linked uscode-v-Obama page above for more details, and turn the entire thing into a massaction by and for the general public, and all that moved into and under MDL procedures, using those same key cases' merits and issues as the base for obvious governmental breaches of contract fundamental duties, as to that respective subject matter.  It sounds more complicated than it really is, promise.  For example, to cover fundamental gross breaches of contract with respect to the lack of a gold standard and the unlawful usage of the Federal Reserve, one of the key case types is monetary system issues, while economics is a generally applicable key case type for multiple breach of contract issues.  Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission is a big pending case over election fraud, etc., and so that is a perfect example of a good and important case found for one of the key case types needed to be entered into, i.e., fair and honest elections of our representatives in government.
You may or may not think me far too bold, crazy, or whatever, but this is my direction and resolve.  Committed.  Patriot.  I have now achieved success in fatally wounding the Obama "Presidency", by providing such many mandatory legal hammers, of immediate and extremely powerful use, by any and all "birther" and "eligibility" lawsuit plaintiffs out there... everywhere found...  I already have heard back that some are implementing this new ammunition soon.  Word is spreading quickly enough.  Obama's days in office are now more limited in lesser number, as I have successfully robbed the courts -- entirely -- of any and every matter of "discretion" involved, and turned every legal aspect of those cases into an expressly mandatory matter under the United States Code (i.e., for statutory production of documents, statutory citizenship standing to sue Obama et al, statutory "eligibility" procedures, statutory "loyalty" procedures, statutory "citizenship" procedures, and etc.).  I have also successfully and completely deprived the U.S. AG and his DOJ attorneys from having any more involvement, whatsoever, in any defense of Obama -- all as expressly mandated by multiple federal statutes.  I have also successfully and completely deprived them from providing any representation of any Senator, or of the Senate, or of any of the Senatorial bodies -- again, mandatory federal statutes.
In other words, Obama is done.  Stick a fork in him.  It's only a matter of short time, now.  I cut off *all* of his legal defenses, to *all* of his issues, with mandatory federal statutes that expressly say otherwise ("SHALL", "SHALL NOT"), and freely gave out all that massive raw legal power to the entire world, many of whom desperately needed such power to revive their OWN legal cases against Obama, all over the country...  His faux "Presidency" is soon over, I dare say it is now inevitable that he will be finally ousted by law, and I could be possibly considered actually grossly negligent, if I knowingly and successfully caused the end of a United States President-Elect found to be a fake and impostor, but didn't have a reasonable plan already defined for a fairly smooth transition of American political power, in the reasonably expected wake of such a highly unusual and important American historical event, literally come to pass..
And, how will history remember the downfall of Obama?  Answer: because family and liberty patriots finally stood up.  Everything is about family stability - the economics, the morals, the ethics, the freedoms, the liberties, the legal rights - everything is directly tied to whether or not "the stable family unit" is either protected, or harassed, by our own government, whatever form that is...
Sure, there's some loose ends yet to be planned out.  That's why I have previously also built, in addition to the much larger public side of UCRCoA (everybody listed online, etc.), a smaller and more private side of UCRCoA, the legal side, including a private online network of various "federal Circuit" groups to manage all federal legal aspects at the high end, which has some 75-80 legal scholars on it, as of today, and I am getting ready to do another blast invite shortly to all kinds of pro-liberty legal scholars out there, some 300 individual scholar emails that I personally have identified, plus who knows how many legal groups out there I will blast to, etc.  Together, those loose legal ends will soon be figured out, and implemented as needed.  If you happen to already be a pro-freedom and pro-liberty legal scholar/student of any skill level, even decent beginner, with at least the general knowledge on how to file papers in a court, then you might consider being part of the national legal team:
Meanwhile, that's why the couple/few recent blasts for inviting family rights type people to be leaders have gone out, kinda as a last-ditch effort, truthfully.  One dozen years of daily fighting in the trenches, and personal experiences of the past year-plus, have finally convinced me that the overall family rights movement will *never* successfully self-organize itself into an effective voice, ever, due to inordinate amounts of dishonesty and infighting, and also due to the paradoxical natural characteristics of the same movement, i.e., the vast majority all basically living in fear over a false but desperate hope that things will somehow maybe go easier on them in their own personal custody court cases if they just "stay quiet", which, of course, is self-defeating, from the very beginning...  The simple truth, however, is that there is strength in numbers.  Period.  End of story.  To be proudly displayed as part of a larger organization of people, i.e., with obvious resources standing behind you, *especially* when your personal trouble issue is the *same* issue of the organization that you represent, and that represents you in return, is to now have more equal political power defending against THEIR political power, and you therefore turn the tables back on them, fundamentally speaking, in most every way.  There is strength in numbers.  Period.  End of story.  BE a listed leader for the largest online network of family rights, soon to encompass even more, and find new increased personal strength:
But, I don't believe enough family rights people will get beyond their self-induced fears to rise up, at least not enough of them to get the job done.  That's why I am just giving one or two weeks worth of initial alert and placement preferences to the last of the family rights patriots that WILL stand up, finally, and then I am moving on to the full-blown Freedom and Liberty movements, to get the rest of the UCRCoA leadership all filled up, and kick-start this baby into full gear, asap.
Revolution?  Sure, since the very moment that my own government screwed me and robbed me of my children, without any valid or common sense reason, almost a dozen years ago now, I knew I was going to create a revolution, if I had to, because nobody on earth has the right to literally steal flesh and blood relationships, and to even think to do so is abhorrent to nature and all things of goodness and righteousness.  Sure, I am *deadly* serious about revolution, but done on paper, so even better - offering easy, speedy, complete and utter, total victory, over every offending aspect of our current rogue government, and with hopefully not even a drop of bloodshed.  And, it's all perfectly and completely legal, and lawfully authorized by the Founding Documents, themselves.  An efficient win, with good profit and security.
For another example, I will be demanding that the Federal Government, by sheer manpower and annual expenditures, be trimmed back down to roughly 1/3 of the current size, achieved by steady reductions of either 25% per year over each of four (4) years, or 20% per each of five (5) years.  Uhm, in case you didn't know it, all of the financial charts and graphs of the United States, as an entity with debts and assets, are all shown, by the Fed's own OMB (Office of Management and Budget), to be exploding totally OFF THE CHARTS within the next few to several years - total financial meltdown of the entire United States, inevitably coming now at the current, and even insanely increasing, rates of taxation and spending.  We simply cannot physically afford such a large and vast government, spending/wasting some 28% of everything of value that is generated in America annually...  It's all mostly overhead expenses, simply to do our thinking and spending for us, being mostly all wasted on vast bureacracies of administration - producing no new value or worth, of any kind, whatsoever, in return for those huge expenditures.  We simply can NOT afford such big government, regardless of every single other issue, bar none.  It's simply far too expensive for what it produces in return, if it was even doing its job, properly, in the first place..  I will also declare that the gold standard, but a modern version, be phased back in over one calendar year's time, for various indisputable economic reasons of powerful natural advantage, and because of the government's fiduciary duties to the people (to reasonably protect the value of your amassed wealth) by law and natural right.
So, IS it time for an actual Revolution?  Well, I fully intend to pick an enormous fight on paper with the *entire* Federal Government, conclusively list and detail various overwhelming and indisputable, practically insane breaches of fundamental contract, simply declare -- with proper authority -- that they are all fired, unless steps/issues A-Z are successfully completed within X number of days, etc., lay down the gauntlet of proper sovereign authority of free people commanding in a true Republic, and just see what the frack happens...
I say they WILL back down and relinquish SOME power back to the States and to the People, instead of losing ALL of it, just like the skilled tradesmen "revolution" that happened in England some 400+ years ago accomplished, without any war. The first successful civilized taxation revolution by the oppressed population.  Here's how that happened, if you want better understanding:
Are you with me?  Every true-blooded Patriot has a unquenchable beating heart for Freedom, Liberty, and Justice.
Sincerest Regards,
Mr. Torm Howse
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United Civil Rights Councils of America
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