Duties, powers and tasks for UCRCoA County/City Team Leaders:
Ensure that UCRCoA is displaying your preferred/best contact information on the Local Groups page when you click your own State [the page you just clicked on for this].  Your local Team Leader listing should include your best email address, and one voice phone number if at all possible.  Please use this form to add or update your Team Leader listing.
Join the official Yahoo Group for your own County or Independent City, and after that, then also request/get moderator privileges bumped up for you on your/that same official Yahoo local county/city group.  Those group links are on the Local Groups page you just came from.  Also, join your official state Yahoo Group.  The link for that is located near the very top of the corresponding state "page" when you click your own State on the State Chapters page.
Establish and maintain email/phone contact with at least one of your State's Directors, at least the one who is responsible for your own corresponding cluster of counties that makes up the local federal court system "Division"...  Each of the State Board Directors are listed on the State Chapters page.  The Directors are also required to contact and guide each of you, as Team Leaders, so two-way communication is already expected and needed, anyway.
As a Team Leader, you should live in or very near the County or Independent City for the Yahoo Group that you are in charge of, since many aspects of UCRCoA agendas will need actual, physical tasks in the local area.  If you don't currently live in the County or Independent City that you lead, then you need to arrange a local person there that you can surely count on, to handle the necessary "ground zero" tasks.
In order to answer questions from other people, please read and know about the various information applicable to the particular UCRCoA agendas currently in motion.  The same thing for all major events: a county team leader should stay up to speed.
Encourage other qualified persons to fill any remaining county/city Team Leaders positions in your State, especially for the "red" (primary targeted, population = 100,000+) counties and independent cities.  Simply check your own State on the Local Groups page you just came from, to see if there are any Team Leaders still needed in your own State.  
Likewise, if you are wanting to find other due process victims in your own local area, there are several electronic methods to locate them here.
Also, consider using free conference calling and/or screen-sharing to communicate with others. One popular free conference call service is here. You are probably familiar with others, too, as most of us have been on plenty of conference calls using these free services.  Yahoo Messenger [like AOL Instant Messenger, "AIM"] offers free computer-to-computer Voice calls, if you have a microphone and speakers at both ends, and can also be used by a group of people on the same call/chat.  Another available enhancement for your conference calls [and for other purposes] is screen-sharing, which, like it sounds, allows the screen on one person's computer to be shared on other computers [seen by other people].  With screen-sharing, you can show people what you mean, instead of just talking about it over the phone.  Two good options for screen-sharing are GoToMeeting [which also allows actual "takeover" of another person's computer remotely, if you need, and other tools], and a free plug-in for the Yahoo Messenger, called "Unyte Lyte".  When using the Yahoo Messenger, choose "Plug-Ins", and find the Unyte Lyte plug-in.  You will find that using conference calling and/or screen-sharing makes many things easier, faster, and better, with more understood and more things accomplished amongst all persons.
As a UCRCoA localgroup Team Leader, please direct your further questions to any of your own State's Directors, whom you will be working with.  Again, your Directors are all listed on the State Chapters page, and don't be shy if there is still listed an opening on the state board page of directors.. hint-hint..